Water Tank Cleaning Solution

Our tank cleaning services are executed by competent and well trained staff with great perfection. These services are widely used for the tanks to get disinfected with a comprehensive variety of substrates. Our company has the finest environmentalist & behavioral team & has also evolved its own methodologists. Water is a fundamental part of life and you must ensure that it is clean and healthy! The ultimate water tank purification system is now here! We offer full services & maintenance packages for all types of water storage tanks, including heavy or light duty cleaning and sterilization. Our focused Water Tank Cleaning Services are reliable solution for removing impurities such as sand, mud, algae, moss, viruses and bacteria from tank. These services are ideal for underground and overhead water tanks. We use modern machines and equipment including high pressure jet cleaners, UV radiation sources, bio-sanitizers, etc. to ensure the elimination of all the contaminants from tank. .

SRS Water Tank Cleaning service includes dusting end tables, television stands, bookshelves and other pieces of furniture, as well as any decorative showpieces displayed on these tables. Dusting baseboards and ceiling fans, wiping corners to remove cobwebs from corners are also included. Vacuuming carpets and washing all hardwood, laminated or tile floors are done! Drying wood floors, vacuuming furniture and under cushions, emptying and cleaning ashtrays and wastebaskets and changing bed linens are also in our list!.