Walls cleaning solution

Clean walls might be the mark of a clean home but setting aside time to clean your walls can be challenging. After all, you’re probably focused on other everyday cleaning tasks when you have time to clean your home. Cleaning the kitchen after dinner, washing the floors, vacuuming the carpets, and wiping down the bathrooms all take precedence before wall washing. As a result, your walls probably get neglected but that doesn’t mean they don’t require care. Smudges and marks on your walls are seemingly inevitable. If you have children or pets, their hands, paws and wet noses might leave more than a mark or two on your walls. The presence of dirty fingerprints on your walls can seriously mar the overall appearance of your home. Moreover, your walls can attract all sorts of buildup, dust and cobwebs which might cling to your walls, especially in certain areas like behind your electronic devices. Cooking, taking a steamy shower and burning a fire in your fireplace can also contribute to buildup on your walls. The type of paint on your walls can also play a role in how well they hold up. Flat or matte paint tends to attract and show more dirt, buildup and imperfections and removing this buildup can be challenging. Walls with satin paint, which has a subtle sheen, are easier to wash than their flat-painted counterparts. Eggshell paint, with its glossy finish, is also relatively easy to wash. In many cases, you can give any type of paint a new life with a thorough wall washing.

. If your walls are looking less than perfect, don’t call the painter for a fresh coat of paint, instead, call SRS and ask about our specialty wall washing services. We’ll thoroughly clean your walls by eliminating those imperfections that leave your walls looking worn and dirty. Before tackling the job, we’ll test clean a small area to determine how your paint will endure our cleaning. If the cleaning discolors your wall, we will not go ahead. Once our work begins, we can erase cobwebs, wipe away dirt and germs and eliminate dust that accumulates on your walls. We come with all the tools we need to accomplish this service. We can wash the walls in every room of your home, including those high-traffic areas that are especially in need of a cleaning. Your kitchen walls for example, might accumulate unwanted marks, including food splatters or grease stains. The electronic devices in your living room might be creating dusty accumulation on your walls. We check behind your wall-mounted television for dust and eliminate it.